Snapshot Multispectral Polarization Imaging


  • A new filter array and a demosaicking method for snapshot multispectral polarization imaging are proposed. A snapshot image can be obtained by attaching the proposed filter array to a monochrome camera sensor; however, each pixel value of a captured grayscale image has a different meaning depending on filter sensitivity. Therefore, we propose not only a filter array but also a demosaicking method for recovering multispectral polarization image.
    • Collaborators: Tohoku University, Photonic Lattice,Inc.

Multispectral polarization filter array based on photonic crystal

  • The multispectral polarization filter array is developed by altering the wave structure of the photonic crystal at each pixel. In addition, we propose a demosaicking method for multispectral polarization images by considering snapshot imaging as a linear model. From the results, the proposed imaging system achieved a simple device (using only a multilayered structure film with a monochrome camera), simple demosaicking (using only one matrix multiplication), and wide spectrum recovery including visible wavelength (420-720 nm at 10 nm, 31 bands).
    • Kazuma Shinoda, Yasuo Ohtera, Madoka Hasegawa, "Snapshot multispectral polarization imaging using a photonic crystal filter array," Optics Express, 26(12), 15948-15961, 2018 (Editor's Pick).

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